We are fully solar powered off-grid. Every year we purchase more solar panels to allow for more advancement electrically as we dont wish to use petrol for our generator unless absolutely necessary. In fact although we have a generator for emergency use we havent needed to use it for a number of years (but its always checked to make sure it will start if needed) We believe that creating a beautiful environment which all can share through the planting of trees and organic vegetables helps to encourage others to do the same (even if its just an organic windowbox in your own home). Our land is fully organic and we are committed to maintaining its organic status, we use only goat , pig, sheep, donkey and cow manure on the organic vegetable garden supplied by our local shepherds and our rescue animals.  We have our own bees, currently with 14 hives which helps the environment surrounding us, we have 222 organic olive trees and over 2 acres of fully organic land which supports a wide variety of birds and

insect life. We ask guests to recycle their rubbish in your provided recycling bins and take it to the recycling centres for them and

all food scraps are recycled through our range of friendly animals.


We encourage guests to use the local bar and restaurant in the village which is family run and can prepare a homecooked 3 course meal with wine from the village for around 10 euros each person. We support the village festa (local village party) held every year on the last weekend of September and encourage guests to visit it with us for a very traditional dance/local let your hair down. This provides funds for the village including maintaining village buildings. We provide a large information pack of local restaurants and things to do list, wine producers and local craftsmen and women. We can provide painting lessons with a local artist if you require for 40 euros for an entire afternoons lesson. Every friday and tuesday a local bread and cake van visits the cottage with homemade fresh produce and there are village deliveries every day by van we provide times in your welcome pack, every wednesday the fruit and vegetable people deliver to the cottage in their van and its very good quality locally produced fruit and vegetables.


You and your children can help with our animals if you wish, we have a rescue donkey called Chloe living out her twilight years in Paradise after being cruelly treated in her early life, she loves cuddles and carrots, we also rehomed Ben and his mother Lucy, two pygmy goats whose owner emigrated to New Zealand and who didnt want his goats to become a curry! Ben and Lucy are very loving and live with two sheep and two

Iberian black piglets all together behind a secure fence they eat all your food scraps including tea bags and 

our seven chickens eat the rest including your egg shells, nothing goes to waste.